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Business building Tools & Resources are available to The Women Entrepreneurs Club members. Join WE for access!

Tools and resources are always being added, updated or improved. Our eLearning Courses are housed in our SCORM compliant Learning Management System, and administered and managed by a Certified Instructional Designed and an eLearning Designer/Developer with over 20 years in the eLearning and Instructional Design industry.
Business Building Courses
Building a business takes a lot. Along with your passion, knowledge and information are also important. Our LMS houses a variety of courses to help WE members start and build a new business or grow an existing one. New and relevant courses are continually being added to the LMS. Currently, our courses are in the following categories:
  • Starting a business
  • Business Development
  • Branding
  • eCommerce
  • Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • The Business of Social Media
  • Communication
  • Client Experience
  • Credit & Finances
  • Incubator
  • Personal Development
Live Practical Courses
WE also offer some valuable Live Practical Courses. It is a fact that once you are in business, you need a website that screams success! Websites that carry the names of companies that offer 'free' sites speak of a different kind of struggle. Starting a business on a shoe string budget does not allow new entrepreneurs to pay upwards of $7,000 for a website. You can build your own website for your business in one of our Live Practical Courses. At the end of the course, you will have a functioning website online! This is just one example of what happens in a Live Practical Course!
Business Incubator
The Business Incubator is all about blueprinting and building your business. If nothing is happening with your business and you are looking for growth strategies, then the Business Incubator is where it should be. Find out what is missing and what is needed to start growing. Conducted by a Business Development Strategist, an actual successful businesswoman who made her first million in less than 1 year at age 20. Proprietary information may be on this platform.
Social Platform
The WE CLub has its own social platform we have named The WE Community. With features like Facebook and much more more geared towards our Community, you can be sure that people who come to this platform are looking for women entrepreneurs across the globe to buy from them, support them and follow them. No extraneous or irrelevant issues in Community. WE members can create groups, do live events, sell, advertise, create profile pages, invite friends, colleagues, family to follow them. The advantage of Community is you and your business have a ready targeted audience and are never lost in a mass of billions of people.
Audio & Video Platforms
Like our social platform, we also have our own radio network and tv/video platform. Members can have their own radio station in the network once they have the content to keep it going. WE will not limit a member's creativity with regard to content. For those who love to do Live shows or prefer a video format to showcase themselves, their services, products as they choose, can have their own video channel on the platform. Since WE advertises the Club as a destination for women entrepreneurs and supporters, then your content is always in front of your target audience.
Sales & Support
The aim of every entrepreneur is to maximize profit. Without an effective sales strategy, there can be no profits. Our Sales and Support platform focuses on putting businesses in front of buyers. The WE Club markets and advertises as one entity, so every individual entrepreneur can benefit. As a member, you will be party to all our sales strategies while your business will be involved and included in all sales events. Proprietary information may be on this platform.
In addition to The WE Club marketing program, members have access to a number of Marketing tools to propel their business forward. We offer a proprietary product/service for Members (Explorer, Navigator and Conqueror) that will increase clients and add to themember business's bottom line. Members must apply for this program.
Members can schedule a consultation with a Business Development Strategist when the consultation calender schedule comes out each month. Our BDS, with over a decade of experience in her field, has been described as 'awesome' and 'amazing'. Book a business consultation anytime.
The WE Club has its own Search Engine Optimization panel to make sure WE members' websites can use the process to improve both the quality of the traffic their site is receiving and also the number (quantity) of this organic traffic. The WE Club also has an analytical tool that provides sales data on links Members use to send out to the public. Members are given more info on how to use this tool in the Members Only area.
Global Business Directory
The Business Directory of Women Entrepreneurs displays full page listings of women owned businesses across the globe. All listings are full page displays with business bio, product photos, location, contact info, hours of operation, reviews and more.
Creator Opportunities
Members who are creators or desire to be creators have several opportunities to place their content on the various platforms belonging to The WE Club. Coaches can sell their courses on our LMS, conduct private classes and more. Content creators can blog in the Community (be sure to take the Course "How to Make Money Blogging" offered in the LMS.) Content creators can also use our radio network and tv/video to place their content.
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