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The Women Entrepreneurs Club (WE)

The ultimate business growth and development platform providing the tools, resources, and support women entrepreneurs across the globe, need to build and sustain a successful business, offline and online. Our exclusive Members Only unique referral networking system adds sales and dollars to your bottom line!

Our History

The WE Club was launched in 2016 as a global resource, support and development platform for women in business.

Our Mission

To build and strengthen our community of women entrepreneurs across the globe to succeed in business and life.

What We Do

We provide a plethora of tools and resources needed to launch and grow the businesses of women across the globe.

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The WE Club is More Than Just a Website

WE is about building your business with support from other women entrepreneurs around the globe. Get access to The WE Club's business tools and other resources to help you START, BUILD, LAUNCH, ESTABLISH, & GROW your business!

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Support & Development Tools

WE is a dynamic platform that serves as a complete resource for women entrepreneurs to start, build, launch, establish and grow their business. WE will continue to add tools and resources to this end.


Be a learner or teacher/coach on the WE Learning Management System.

WE Business Directory

Add your business to the WE global business directory.

WE Radio

Promote your business or create a Talk Show, live or pre-recorded.

WE are in constant development, so new resources are added to match our members' needs.

WE Social Media

Connect, share and build with WE members across the globe.

WE Tools

Helpful tools to enhance your business building experience.

WE Marketplace

Add your products and services to increase your sales.

WE members drive our passion, so more tools are added to support your business growth.

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WE Services

If you can't WE BARTER it, or you feel a little 'shaky' using a particular tool to build your business, WE are here to help you with the following services. Even with paid services, you get WE Members benefit by paying in small amounts over an extended period of time. That's the joy, benefit and convenience of being part of The WE Club!

Web Design

The digital home of your business is the welcome mat for your customers and prospects. It should be well built.

Graphic Design

The logo and ID marks should precisely represent and convey your business's brand message.


Tell your business's story in 60 or 90 seconds with animation or a video market ad.


The process that takes an idea through a strategic pathway on to the market.


Creating and developing a brand, followed by the placement of the brand.


A free service for all registered members. Ask a question, discuss an idea, chat with a strategist.

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WE welcome WE!

WE are excited you are here visiting and invite you to join us. If you have a business or ready to start one, the resources and support are here.

WE are Global!

Entrepreneurship is not confined to any particular country or region, so The WE Club reaches across the globe to support

The Americas
The Americas
North & South America

The WE of the USA, Canada and South America.

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UK and other countries

The WE of the United Kingdom and the countries of Europe.

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The Caribbean
The Caribbean
Caribbean islands

The WE of Trinidad & Tobago and the rest of the Caribbean.

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All countries

The WE of Ghana, Nigeria and the other countries of the Continent.

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Women Entrepreneurs

We do it all!

My video

WE Business Spotlight

WE are stronger when we support each other. Start by selling to each other; buying from each other and winning together.


When the Queen of Hearts is named King, it is time to take notice! Kathy Jarkow King brings hearts together at Luvsparx, an interactive love life coaching app.

WE: Kathy Jarkow King

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Johanna Burkhardt

Uncover, Declutter, & Heal with Life Coach Johanna Burkhardt! She helps you uncover hidden fears, limiting beliefs, so you can begin to heal.

WE: Johanna Burkhardt

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Lina Allahverdian

Beyond Creative Block is a boutique agency specializing in web + print + event design, creating amazing websites, stunning designs and one of a kind decor.

WE: Lina Allahverdian

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